What is Boldly Fit, and Why?

Boldly Fit is our new baby. We’re working toward building it into everything we envisioned when we came up with the concept. We get asked and sometimes we ask ourselves, “What is Boldly Fit, and why?” It sounds simple enough, but that’s a loaded question.

You see, we already have By Any Means Fitness, our other baby. It was built from the ground up from pure, hard work. I remember when it all started. We couldn’t agree on a name for the business, and finally Djuan came up with By Any Means Fitness. It was perfect. From that, came boot camps in the park, in home training, renting studio space from other established trainers, to now being in our own space with multiple boot camp sessions, a full personal training schedule, nutrition services and other trainers who utilize our space and embrace our business philosophy. It’s amazing. Djuan has always been the front of the organization while I plugged away at all things behind the scenes. It’s truly a blessing to be able to now be able to work side by side with Djuan, doing what we love and growing our business all the while. Now that’s the background of By Any Means Fitness.

You might be wondering how Boldly Fit is any different. Here’s the difference. Our faith is the central driver of Boldly Fit. That’s not to say it’s not central to By Any Means Fitness, but this is different. By nature, Djuan and I are not judgmental people. But, we are fitness and health oriented. It’s what we do. We have both been in church all of our lives. Over the past year or so, we started becoming more and more aware of a common theme in churches. People are overweight. Meals prepared at churches are generally unhealthy. What’s the staple? Fried chicken. Sedentary lifestyles are the norm. For us, that just didn’t jive with scripture. People are taking their temple for granted and not doing their part in maintaining it. If a sin, is a sin, how can you rightfully maintain a lifestyle of gluttony and allow your body to become unhealthy? No one is perfect, but we have to control what we can control. And that’s the message we seek to disseminate with Boldly Fit. We are tying our faith to fitness and nutrition, as there is no denying that tie. Not only do we seek to share that message, we seek to show others how to begin leading a healthier lifestyle.

We will soon open our membership portal where members will have access to workouts and fitness challenges that meet their needs. We’re working on nutrition plans and a recipe database as well. We also hope to soon take our message on the road, sharing it with any and all congregations that will hear us. We think a seminar style Q&A forum is the best way to share the message.

Boldly Fit keeps us excited, and we can’t wait to see it grow. Stay tuned. And don’t forget to sign up to be notified when the member portal goes live!!!