Three Easy Ways To Keep Progressing In The Gym

The body is smart. Try as you might, you’ll never see the results you want to see unless you continually challenge yourself in the gym. If you keep doing the same workouts week after week without increasing your intensity, your body will catch on, and those workouts will eventually become ineffective. Don’t believe us? Give it a try, and see what happens.

Here are three easy ways you can keep progressing and avoid gym plateaus.

Time Your Workouts

That’s right! Set your stopwatch at the start of your workout, then go. This is especially true when it comes to bodyweight resistance and HIIT workouts. You want to push yourself to continually move at a faster pace during your workouts. If you can maintain good form and move more quickly through the exercises, you give your body a nice challenge and set the stage for continued improvement to your physique.

Increase Your Weight

This one is for the ladies. Generally,  men aren’t afraid of extra pounds on dumbbells. From experience we know that “bulkiness” is a big fear of a lot of women when it comes to resistance training. Trust us, moving from three to eight pound dumbbells WILL NOT make you bulky. As always, form is key, so you never want to increase the weight to the detriment of form. But — you have to continually challenge yourself. Your muscles can’t grow unless they are challenged.

Increase Your Cardio Intensity

The treadmill is a different animal when you add an incline. The same is true when you up the resistance on an elliptical. No matter what your style of cardio, switch it up and make it more difficult. We love a good incline treadmill walk. You’ll feel it in your whole body. If you’ve never tried it, make it a priority this week. Aim to work up to a 10-12 incline and a speed of 3.0-3.5. And….only hold on when absolutely necessary.

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