The Boldly Fit Seven

Seven. It’s the number of completeness, perfection. While no one walking this Earth will ever be perfect, as Christians, we should strive to be as God-like as possible. With this as our foundation, we created a checklist to keep you accountable. If you can check every box, you are on your way to leading a healthy lifestyle and obtaining total wellness. We will explain each requirement in detail in the coming weeks.

  1. 20 minutes of non-stop cardio at least five days per week
  2. Maintain a food diary
  3. Drink 1 gallon of water daily
  4. Indulge in “cheat meals” once weekly, at most
  5. Incorporate resistance training at least two to three days per week
  6. Prep meals for a full seven days
  7. Share your journey — accountability goes a long way toward success