Resistance Train For A Stronger Frame

Have you ever looked at someone and said to yourself, “I know he exercises,” or “She is very fit.” You don’t know anything about the person you’re referring to other than what you see walking toward you. There’s something about the way a fit person carries him or herself that looks a little different. They stand a little more erect. Shoulders are nice and high. It’s a different look. It just looks fit. And there is a reason for this. Resistance training actually makes you stronger, bones and all!

Here’s how it works.

As you age, you lose muscle mass. This starts around the age of 25. That’s right — 25! You fight against this when you do resistance training. It doesn’t stop the process entirely, but it certainly helps to slow it down. Building stronger muscles goes a long way when it comes to how you look!

Furthermore, resistance training helps you absorb injuries and bounce back more quickly in the event you are injured in a fall or other type of accident. You not only enhance your strength, but also your stability and balance. This is especially important for older individuals who face serious uncertainties in the event of a hip injury, for instance, that  was caused by a a fall.

Strength training also helps counteract fat. You burn fat as you train your muscles. And that fat burning continues long after you put the weights down. If you’re building up your muscles and burning fat, your body presents as more fit to the casual observer.

Although you’ll still reap the benefits of being stronger and counteracting the effects of aging without implementing proper nutrition, when you pair the two — that’s when you begin to see true changes in the body. Not only do you see these changes, you feel them too.

Stay motivated. A fit and healthy lifestyle is not a one time destination. It’s a journey.