Quick Kitchen Re-Tool: The Spices

When you hear the words kitchen re-tool, the first thing you probably think about is cost. It’s often the first thing people think about when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. I want you to lose that mindset. Don’t let fear of added costs keep you from doing what you need to do to be healthier. You can eat healthy on a budget. It takes planning, but it can work. Check out this post for a little rundown on that.

Back to the re-tool. Having the right tools and foods in your kitchen is a vital component to eating healthy on a consistent basis. With that in mind. I’m doing a little kitchen re-tool series. In a few weeks, I’ll polish it off with a full guide to re-tooling your kitchen so it’s consistent with a healthy lifestyle diet.

Let’s kick things off with SPICES. Healthy food is not bland. It’s all about learning your flavor preferences and using what you enjoy.

Take a peek in your spice cabinet or on your spice rack. Do you use those spices? Do you know what that are? Do you know what flavors compliment one another? You really need to get familiar with spices and use them to your advantage. You don’t have to know what spices do what for your body. That’s a topic for another day. The key is to have variety and take your foods to another level by incorporating that variety.

In no particular order, here’s a rundown of some key spices:

garlic powder

onion powder






ground coriander


chili powder

cracked pepper

sea salt






I could go on, but this is a good starter list. Do you have these spices? Do you know what they do when added to food? If not, start exploring.

You don’t have to eat your veggies plain if you don’t like them that way. You can can kick up the flavor without adding calories or being detrimental to your health. That’s with one caveat — be mindful of your salt intake.

Add your favorites in the comments. I’ll be sure to include them along with a little breakdown when I publish the guide.