Know Your Triggers and Challenge Them

Think about your eating habits for a moment. Are there certain life events, feelings, or responsibilities that cause you to over or under eat? Is the way you eat built around emotions as opposed to true hunger cues? If you’re like a lot of people, you probably find yourself eating emotionally instead of listening to how your body tells you it needs to be fueled. This is often a key source of weight gain and one of the main reasons why people struggle to take weight off once gained.

It’s hard to go against emotions. They are strong. They are powerful. But, if you have a desire to change your body, those emotions have to to take a backseat to learning how to eat in a way that truly fuels your body in the way it needs to be fueled.


Before digging into a bag of unhealthy salty snacks after a tough day at work, sit and ask yourself if you’re really hungry. Can you wait until dinner to eat?  Once you’ve made a determination ask yourself if the choice you’re about to make will fuel your body and also move you closer to the goals you’ve set for yourself. Both components are key. A bowl of M&Ms and a bowl of blueberries both have calories, but one of those bowls does a lot more for your body than the other. So if you need fuel, choose the right source.

Nothing changes if you don’t change. There’s work to this, but your goals and life are on the line.