How To Store Your Greens

Have you found yourself going to the grocery store multiple times in one week simply because you let your greens go bad? Slimy greens are a no-go, and if you don’t store them properly, that slime will creep up on you fast! I know. I have been there, and done that. For me, it always seemed to happen on the day I wanted a big salad.

If you buy your greens pre-packaged, the companies that put the greens in a plastic container are onto something. That container provides delicate greens with much-needed protection. Greens that bump up against other things in your fridge go bad much faster than those that don’t have to deal with that. If you’re going to buy your greens in a plastic bad, you need to get them out of that bag and into something else ASAP. A BPA-free plastic container, or a glass one will work perfectly fine. These are my favorite containers for greens.

Save your greens

Before you drop your greens in your container, makes sure they’re clean and mostly dry. A good tepid water rinse work. You can spin them out, or let them air dry. Air drying obviously takes a little longer, but it’s the method I always use.

This last step is what seals the deal. Before you close your greens up in the container place a double layer of paper towels on top of them. The paper towels help absorb the moisture that will undoubtedly develop in the container over time. If they’re good when they go into the container, your greens will literally last 7-10 days, and that’s a win in  my book!

Ordered Whimsy saving greens

Give it a try, and let me know how it goes for you!