Fitness Is A Process. Embrace It.

When it comes to getting started with a workout plan, there is often an expectation of immediate results. And shortly thereafter, maybe a couple of weeks in, comes the disappointment when those results don’t happen. You feel like you’re putting in tons of work and doing everything according to plan, but you’re just not seeing the fruits of your labor. It’s easy to get stuck in this mentality and then find yourself less and less enthusiastic about adhering to your workout plan. When you find yourself in this space, push the negative thoughts aside and keep moving forward.

Real results take time. Of course you can do a two week juice diet, lose 15 pounds, and then gain 20 back when you start eating solid food again. But are those real results? No! Muscle development is not an overnight thing. It’s a process. Embrace it.

The more you’re willing to give yourself time to experience real results, the more likely you’ll be to develop lifelong habits. Most people don’t spend six quality months in the gym, begin to see their body change and then all of a sudden give it up. As you get more comfortable with a fit lifestyle it becomes harder and harder to imagine living any other way. And that’s when the results stick. That’s where we want to see the Boldly Fit Workout Crew. We want you to see you grow in your fitness journey, and the only way to grow is with time.