Embrace YOUR Fit Body

If you ask just about anyone, male or female, they can tell the name of a celebrity or show you a picture of an individual who has their ideal body. They want the legs, abs, butt, arms, total package of someone other than themselves. If you really dig into that concept, it is extremely problematic. Most people desire to physically look like another person, and that may never be in their cards. It just might be impossible.

Here’s the issue. No two bodies are the same. There are three different body types — ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

Ectomorphs are thin. They have a small frame. They carry very little fat. They have a fast metabolism and can withstand subpar eating habits without necessarily showing it. They also have a more difficult time developing muscle hypertrophy and gaining weight.

Mesomorphs have an athletic build and develop muscle more quickly. They have wider shoulders and thinner waists. Mesomorphs can carry a little extra weight without showing it.

Endomorphs naturally have a larger build. This body type carries more fat and is stockier in appearance. Endomorphs have shoulders and waistlines that are similar in width. Extra weight on a endomorph becomes apparent very quickly just because of the structure of the body.

Now here’s where things get a little more complicated. Within those three body types, individuals develop muscle, carry fat, tolerate carbohydrates, and simply outwardly look a countless number of ways. You could even be a combination of two different body types. Ultimately, based on your genes, it could be almost physically  impossible to accomplish your dream body. And that’s not to say you’re not putting in work or maintaining a healthy diet. It’s merely to say that body is not your body.

You have to learn your body, love your body, and then build your healthy lifestyle and ideal physique around that. Don’t get caught up in photos of other fit people. Do your work and you will grow to love  your results.

Happy Monday!