Commit To YOUR Healthy Lifestyle Path

I say it all the time. There is no one right way when it comes to nutrition. My philosophy is that if you’re eating real, whole foods and staying away from processed products as much as possible, you are doing something right. You are fueling your body with the types of foods it needs to perform at its peak and to be as healthy as possible. That’s the bottom line.

So whether you are vegan, pescatarian or just a regular omnivore, you can maintain a healthy as balanced diet if your are selecting the right foods. There’s absolutely no reason to cut out entire food groups or eat the bare minimum of carbs or follow any other trendy diet. Follow what feels best for you and works best for your body. What’s going to determine your success or failure in terms of reach your goals is whether or not you can actually stick with the choice you’ve made over the long term.

Can you make that commitment? That’s when you turn the corner of maintaining a healthy lifestyle diet. It truly must be a lifestyle. One month on, two months off, will set you up on the yo-yo cycle that no one wants to be on.

Spend some time discovering your lane, commit, and let us know how you progress.