Change Your Mindset And Exude New Energy


I’m no psychologist, but from personal experience, I know the power of the mind. When I say power, I mean power. Thoughts become reality faster than many of us believe. If your constant mindset is in a state of negativity, that will soon reflect in your day-to-day life.

As we enter this new month, the seventh month of the year, let’s all adopt a mindset of positivity. Seven is the bible’s number for completion. Embrace that idea and spirit in your everyday existence. What will you do with the remainder of 2017? Are there aspects of your life that remain unfulfilled that, with guided and directed action, you can conquer in 2017?

In terms of fitness and wellness, are you controlling what you can control? If we commit to moving our bodies and removing harmful foods we can truly live a healthier existence. Can it be a process? Of course. But a process has to start at some point. Use the remainder of the year to get closer to where you need to be. If you take the proper actions, total wellness will follow. Don’t allow yourself to remain chained to the bad habits of your past. Those habits can be broken if you truly desire it to be so.

You are equipped to make your life everything you desire to be. Be deliberate in your actions and consistent in your positive mindset. Change is bound to follow.

Happy July!